Anti-Viral Anti-Inflammatory Anti-Bacterial Anti-Fungal Single Pre-Clinical

The tree motif.

The tree motif represents an important characteristic of Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA) i.e. one set of safety and toxicity data supports a wide range of medical uses. For almost all other treatments safety and toxicity data would have to be prepared for each treatment. The trunk represents the single set of safety data for CHD-FA that includes Phase 1 Clinical Trials.The branches and leaves represent the broad range of conditions that can be treated using CHD-FA. As you move your cursor over the tree you will be able to link to the research findings on the pre-clinical and clinical data. Fulhold has completed many research projects to prove the safety and efficacy of CHD-FA. As we tackle new areas of disease treatment further results will be added to this website.

CHD-FA compared to other types of Fulvic Acid.

Environmental sources of Fulvic Acid are contaminated with heavy metals and often with herbicide and pesticide residues. CHD-FA is manufactured from a pure carbohydrate source in a GMP standard factory using pure water and medical grade oxygen. The manufacturing process and quality controls result in a product that is consistent, pure and conforms to the reference standard time after time. As such CHD-FA can be used in a variety of products for medicinal, cosmetic and food use in both humans and animals.

About the information on this website.

This website contains copies of research reports produced from research conducted by Fulhold through independent, third parties. These reports generally comply with OECD guidelines and are carried out at GLP certified institutions where necessary. The detail in these reports is important for scientifically literate visitors who want to know more about CHD-FA. Fulhold anticipates that there will also be many lay visitors to the site and so each section has a “Layman's Introduction” and comments to explain the purpose and results of the research in non-scientific terms.

Breaking News; Euprotec announces a collaboration with Fulhold and NJMDH to research CHD-FA for the treatment of drug resistant wound infections.