Skin Care Products

Get ready to experience an exciting breakthrough in cosmetics, as Fulderm, a branch of Fulhold and a frontrunner in pioneering Fulvic Acid advancements, introduces its remarkable line-up of new cosmetic offerings in the UK and EU. Leveraging the transformative potential of CarboHydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA), its team of skilled professionals has carefully curated a range called Secuvie that is poised to reshape conventional notions of beauty.

This innovative collection seamlessly fuses science with enduring sophistication, ushering in a new era in skincare and holistic wellness regimens. Every product in this range utilises the powerful capabilities of Fulvic Acid, celebrated for its capacity to boost skin vibrancy, stimulate rejuvenation and offer unmatched nourishment.

These cosmetics are a harmonious blend of nature’s marvels, meticulously integrated to guarantee both effectiveness and safety. Here, CHD-FA establishes its well-deserved role as the ultimate elixir for radiant skin. Fulderm is in the process of preparing PIFs and CPSRs in the UK and EU for the upcoming debut of this line of new cosmetic products, anticipated to be available in 2024. Get ready for a journey where Fulvic Acid-enriched products enhance your daily life while caring for our planet.

The Secuvie cosmetic collection goes beyond traditional beauty norms. Centred around CHD-FA, each cosmetic item is carefully crafted to enhance skin’s radiant glow. These offerings utilise the remarkable attributes of Fulvic Acid, promoting skin revitalisation, luminosity and nourishment. Ranging from invigorating serums to cleansing body washes and shampoos, Fulderm’s cosmetics showcase the balance of nature and science, ushering in a new age in beauty care.

The Secuvie cosmetic collection goes beyond traditional beauty norms – CHD-FA Improves Appearance of Skin.